Making VM cloning simpler v2

In my last post I wrote about a procedure that I use to help me to locate VM IP address after creation. You can read about the problem here.

The problem with my solution is that you need to take the networking control away from Libvirt, creating the bridge with hand, configuring dnsmasq, etc. So, I looked at the code and I made libvirt do it for me. Here is the commit.

Basically, this adds an option to network config inside libvirt to setup forwarders for dnsmasq. This allows you to use the last one as the nameserver for your host machine (using in your resolv.conf). Every time a VM boots up, it receives an IP address from dnsmasq and gets its FQDN mapped to its IP address (something like a dnsupdate, but this happens internally because the same daemon provides both services).

You have to setup the domain and the forwarders options to get this working.

This new feature is documented and will appear in a future release of libvirt.

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