Convert Rackspace Cloud Server images to OVA

I wrote an script to convert Rackspace Cloud Server Images to OVA files. This file can be imported to Vmware and Virtualbox (and may be other hypervisors).

You have to get a copy of .tgz files generated from Cloud Servers snapshots and then provide it as first argument of this script.

The script is here.

In the comments you can see the requirements and how to use it.

Feedback is welcome.

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12 thoughts on “Convert Rackspace Cloud Server images to OVA”

  1. This worked perfectly and mounting the image shows all of the original files that I had on Rackspace.

    However, when I try to boot from the resulting image, I get “operating system not found”.

    I tried to re-install grub, which then starts the boot process, but there are 5 or so different boot options on the grub boot menu, and none of them work.

    Any tips on how to get the Rackspace image to boot?

    Many thanks for the great script!

  2. CentOS 6.0 x64

    What do you mean by what image? To create the imae, I ran grub-install /dev/xvda1 on my RackSpace VM, then did an on-demand image and downloaded it, and ran your script on it in a Debian 6 environment.

  3. Hello,

    Can you explain how this script works? What it does exactly?



  4. Hi,
    I can see that you produced this script a few years ago. A few questions:
    1. does it still work?
    2. is it as simple as installing virtual box and vdfuse then running ‘grub-install /dev/xvda1’ on the rackspace instance, then running the script ?
    3. The script looks like it’s called with 3 parameters:

    Is that correct?


  5. 1. I have no idea, I haven’t used it for years. Probably doesn’t work anymore, try with “glance” tool from OpenStack.
    2. yes, worked for me.
    3. you are right.

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