Apache Directory Studio

One of the tools that I’ve looked for in Linux was a good graphical LDAP client. I had ADS (Apache Directory Studio) in my list but I’ve never tried until today. It’s very complete and the interface is very good. It’s a pure LDAP client, it’s not a frontend for LDAP user administration or things like that. One of the great things that I found using it today is the “intelligent copy&paste” . If you copy and paste an entry in the same container ADS opens a windows called “Select copy strategy” with the following options:

  • Stop copy process
  • Ignore entry and continue
  • Overwrite entry and continue
  • Rename entry and continue: This is great, because you can use an object as templete and then you copy it with the new name in two-clicks.
Another great things are the connection wizard, attribute auto-completion, etc, etc… I’ve been using it for a few minutes and I’ve found a lot of useful things.

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